Francesco Toffoli

I combine Design disciplines such as Visuals, Motion Graphics, User Interface, and Interaction to craft Joyful Digital Experiences, Arts, and Products. I am also a Contemporary Dancer, Indoor Gardener, and a Dad.


Interaction, Visual, and Motion Design within the Audio/Video Industry.



Some cool shots from audio/video-related projects, and the technology that brings them to life.

I can help unleash the magic of interactive media. Some people I've helped: Bosch, Canada, Jazzed, Bowers&Wilkins, Dynaudio, Work for Impact, Peugeot.

Movie time

Showreel video of selected art created with technology mediums such as Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Figma, Cinema 4D, and more.

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Learn more about motion, design, and the projects I've worked on with these press media and interviews.


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