Marlene is a hub for all of your audio devices enabling easy management and control of speakers, headphones and watches. Music streaming services and other content providers are integrated into the app for a one-place to go to for music.
User Interface components have been designed following the Atomic Design approach. Read the full blogpost on Medium.
UI in Motion | Demo
The video highlights the key transitions, interaction patterns, and behaviors.
The purpose of the app is to demonstrate the ability to wirelessly connect different audio devices to the same Wi-Fi, creating speaker groups and playing music playlists from one unique source. Here a few screens from the main flow.
NAS | App Extension
The second part of the demo app allows users - labels, music fans, and audio content businesses - to browse a Network Attached Storage (NAS) and generate playlists straight from the drive, as well as providing a visual overview of the storage content.
Try out the NAS extension high-fidelity prototype.
iPad | Home and Devices Control
The App has been developed for iPad too, with a smart home manager in mind.
App Icon and Splash Screen
The icon has been designed based on the devices that the app can manage remotely. It's been animated to make them part of a floating universe of connected services.

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